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Clink is a free app that lets you send drinks to your friends via mobile. It's a whole new way to wish someone happy birthday, or simply happy Friday.

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Sending a Clink is easy.

  • 1

    Pick a friend

    You see a list of your friends. You see whose birthday is coming up, and who is in which bar tonight. Then, you choose who you want to send a clink to.

  • 2

    Pick a bar

    Send a Clink to the bar your friend is in right now, leave it somewhere they’re headed, or tempt them to come join you by letting them know there’s a cold one waiting.

  • 3

    Pick a drink

    Open the bar's menu and choose a drink to send. From an honest beer to a complex cocktail, it’s all there. You can also see your friends favourite drinks.

  • 4

    Personalise and Pay

    Celebrate birthdays, promotions or anything you like by attaching a short message. Finally, pay for the drink seamlessly using paypal. Sharing a drink with friends has never been easier.

Drink it or Fridge it

Life isn’t all about giving. When you receive a clink you will be given the option to collect it right away or ‘fridge’ it for later. A fridged drink will be waiting for you whenever you like in the bar it was sent to. Activate when you’re ready and head to the bar to collect your drink.

When you can’t drink together...

...Clink together. Experience a new way to share a drink with friends and celebrate the things in your life that matter, from the big to the small.

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Did we mention Clink is completly free to download? Get the app and get together.

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